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Caipirinhas with Pineapple

To celebrate the start of the World Cup we have created a fantastic Brazilian Cocktail, you have to try this Caipirinhas for yourself!


1 small pineapple

Juice 4 limes

Bunch of fresh mint

8 tbsp golden caster sugar

400ml light rum or Bacardi

Crushed ice

800ml of pineapple juice


Cut the pineapple into 3cm chunks.

Place 8 small handfuls of pineapple, the lime juice, half the mint and sugar into a pitcher and mash up.

Pour in the Bacardi and a little crushed ice, then pour into 8 glasses and add more crushed ice.

Pour the pineapple juice over filling to the rim.

Garnish the glass with mint and pieces of pineapple.

Makes 8 glasses

Caipirinhas with Pineapple